The world doesn't owe you anything just because you are here, but it does submit there is a debt to be paid. Goodwill is a good start.

If you live in a fine house, drive a fancy car, or wear high-style clothes, you may show the world what you have in your wallet, but kind treatment of mankind and animals will reveal the riches of your heart. Spend tenderness freely. Make it buoyant, set it free on the world. 

The day was a bit uneventful, so I think I'll put colored sheets on my bed, a bright pillowcase, wear some princess jammies and a splash of perfume-- just in case I go someplace special in my dreams.

Everybody born came from heaven. Now we have to work hard to get back.

Don't let your dreams disintegrate to the level of your reality. Keep reaching inward, outward, upward!

Too many obstacles? Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones by lifting your feet higher. 

Within the quiet etiquette of darkness before it releases the colorful spine of horizon, I dismiss the temporary inclination and mindset of a victim (Go, uninvited, unwarranted, childish self pity!) and thereby restore the possibility of human potential.


I like to watch... as something pokes from the ground full of green promise, rises from its root to a higher plane, reaches for the sun but settles for something less, just as we do— often falling short in our reach for unrealistic goals, hesitating on the false warmth of whiskey or chocolate (me), wearing our faces like masks, wasting time hermetically sealing setbacks and failures but still pushing to get as close as we can to some kind of accomplishment.

TO SUCCEED: Pick a place. Occupy it. Call for and depend on dedication, study, knowledge, skill— more of each than you presently have. Be patient. Work hard. And know in the end that, though you may succeed, you will still doubt yourself.

Life is a shopping trip. Amid all the work and responsibility there are bright, flashing colors, tantalizing tastes and scents, soft and erotic touches and products. Be careful what you open your arms and your heart and your mind to receive. Watch out for what comes with ease and promise without repercussions-- any one of those disguised, evil things (for each of us they may be different) that come at you lips first, a harlot of opportunistic circumstances.

I hate to brag, but I have won every single writing contest I've ever entered-- that is, if there was no second entry.

I don't expect all days to be exploding with topsy-turvy happiness. I don't expect an easy living.I don't expect to feast on all new tastes, or to see all the brightest colors. I just have a soft spot for seeking the best of available options.


I'm waiting for the sun to sharpen on the horizon, to describe the landscape to me, to point my direction through a new day in which my left hand knows what my right hand is doing.


I decided that today I will improve my art-- the art of thinking, reason, poetry, observation, consideration, dancing, playing, eating, and sincere appreciation of vallant efforts of all others.



One by one,
They string ambition,
Declare stance upon the ground,
Allign intent against all chances.
One by one,
They stretch enterprise to arm's length,
Allow for misconception,
Shoot substance toward a unique spot on the board.

I think the highlight of my life, other than the birth of my daughter, was the day I realized the error of my ways. As a teenager, I wasn't worth two-bits, but now, after years of loosening my intensities while increasing my grip, I have altered my predispositions to increase my personal worth to a staggering buck-and -a -half. I hope I'm not exaggerating.


My dad is dead. I wish I could tell him I finally got a novel published, even though it's pretty much lost on the Amazon log. Oh, I know the book part would not impress him. He didn't care "words from turds." He wanted something much bigger for me. Happiness was the desired product. "Hey, Pops... I' m happy!"