Thank you.... You have stood watch every night, ready for action, the both of you. Grounded, knowing me well, you accompany my late night escapades, and are what I search for the first thing every morning. You are not the prettiest, are misshapen and flawed from familiarity with me. We have travelled miles and hours together though I never allow you to leave home.... except for the one time I forgot and wore you to work. Thank you.....bedroom slippers.


In my house I don't "saute" things. I "fry" them. The aroma and result are the same.... And I don't have to shine my shoes to sit down and eat it. Sometimes a fork is sufficient service, and forget the plate.... I am grateful for my common roots!


Thanks for all you recyclers, people of course, but also the buzzard, coyote-- connoisseurs of roadkill, the flies and the maggots, and all the poop-eaters and revelers in rot that by peculiar palate contribute to world cleanliness.


I am grateful for this moment, for safe passage over roads and through intersections, for the absence of high drama, for countless breaths and heartbeats, for the continuously refreshed tapestry of beautiful landscapes


When a live hand holds a dead hand, loving what it must let go, spoken words diminish in effect. Say it now!




Thanks to those who have bought my book.

It is true that I started my blog with  primary intent to broadcast and promote sales for my novel 'Prostitute of State.' Even then, financial gain was not my primary motivation. 'Prostitute of State' deals, in part, with an important segment of our history, and it also addresses many of the emotional struggles we all go through to reach a truly comfortable spot in life. I tried to bring information and provide solace.

Okay then, now I find my desire  expanding to be a showcase for others who have issues they want to address, talents they want to display, who seek some form of validation. There are great sources of talent in the world, and many of them are local.
..............................I want to thank those artists and writers, Lori Salts, Mary Anderson, and Deb Monfelt, and Tom Wolosz and Ed Yatscoff, who have allowed me to display a bit of their work to begin my journey of broadening the interest base and reach of my blog.  More from them, and something from others is certainly welcome!

Thank you for any comments on what I write. I fully realize that what is wisdom to one man, is probably hot air to twenty others.  Your responses would make me think deeper or make me laugh.  Don't we all need more of that?!


There are many "Einstein" thinkers out there, whereas I fall a bit on the "Seuss" side.  Thanks for anyone who will enrich the exchange!


THANK YOU to all the hospice health care providers. How incredibly difficult it must be to watch old citizens eat their last meals and try to interest them in bright desserts when even the warm sun on their faces has little value to them. Several years ago, my beloved mother went through this disappearing act to death. Those who surrounded her were epic!  THANK YOU!


Thank you very much, but...

Don't give me IV roses
Peg-legged in silk-bound vase.
Save such for spellbound debutantes
with hieroglyphic pace.
Give me the Christmas cactus
locked in I'll-not-beg-your-pardon clay,
sharp-knuckled and assertive,
sure to bloom within my shade.
Retentive, stubborn, faithful,
Not from fair-weather clan,
The Christmas cactus given,
means you love me
Beyond my pleasant span.

We move into another year, are given another opportunity with unlimited possibilities, enabling us to differentiate between what is unknown and what is just unexplained, giving us a chance to improve upon our best, and  calibrate our worst to reach a better result. I extend a wish for spiritual, emotional, psychological, and financial prosperity in the New Year for each and every one of you.