When making a major decision, ask yourself what is the worst possible result of it, and then ask if you can accept that.


Do not cling to your failures. Let them fall away like leaves to fertilize your next endeavor.


I eat a bologna sandwich with a deep appreciation for cheap meat. I watch the therapeutic pendulum of my dog's wagging tail. My daughter is not far away. I just spoke to her on the phone and she is fine. The sky is a black theater with the old-man moon at center stage, but merely suggesting itself. I have a nice soft blanket and warm socks. Nothing hurts. Ah-h-h, kings have died with less riches than this!



Dance even if you don't hear the music!


The  right to speak your mind runs parallel with the rights of others to criticize or disagree with you.


I love living in a small town.  I get up every day, walk down the street, and everybody waves, and most of the time, they use all of their fingers.


Be humble.  Being the only one to come up with the right answer to a difficult problem can be compared to a good bowel movement.  It may feel good, but you won't make much of an impression by showing it off.


I'm lucky to live in a safe little neighborhood.  If anybody pulls a knife, it's bound to have mayonnaise on it.


Love may be blind.  Friendship may turn the other cheek.  But hate picks it bloody and makes it public.


If you are my friend, I will always pick you up when you fall.... but you'll have to wait until I'm done laughing.


Seems like we're all afraid of something.  For some, it's heights.  For others, depths.  And then there are the calorie counters.  For them, it's widths.


I never weigh myself anymore.  That's primarily due to the fact that scales don't compensate for the lead in my ass.


If you are lonely, listen to the world news.  My guess is you will then be glad to be by yourself.


If your key motivation for any assignment is the 'due date', you might want to find something more stimulating to do.


i'd like to go to a shrink to talk about my small problems, but I hate to bore anybody, so before I can go I'm going to have to make up some whopping good lies.


If it was a rule that everybody had to listen to somebody else's problems before they could talk about their own, I think there would be a whole lot less complaining in the world.


Do you ever wish you could go back in time and kick yourself in the shins?


Always be friendly.  Smile big if you still have your teeth.  Otherwise, just wave.


Being goofy, acting crazy can be fun and quite entertaining.  Do something a little off balance more often, go 'normal' less of the time.


Isn't it a shame that gossip will get halfway across the State before truth can find it shoes.


Am I perfect?  Of course not.  But do I every day put genuine effort toward improvement?  Nope to that too!


I'm not doing very well on all the 'life tests' of the day.  I should have stayed up later last night and studied.


Beware of the destructive personalities that leave you emotionally suspended and looking around for a safe place to land.


We are too often like trout, bedazzled, caught up in the artificial.


Never give up the struggle against your own demons so that you might always look in the mirror at your own reflection and make eye contact.


I sometimes think the caveman had the right idea.  He must have always held a club or a rock while making his determination between a friend or a foe.


Sometimes the heart is like a fist.  It will not let go of something even when that something proves itself destructive or wrong.  Grab your coats, all you affected gentlemen, and you ladies, draw yourself a new pair of lips -- and go on.


Today I feel like living on the edge.  I just might sit in my safe little office area and hold my breath for the fun of it -- until I feel the panic.  That's about as daring as I get!


Now and then, I want to impersonate someone else or mock them in some dramatic fashion, or I want to get in the express line with my full cart at Walmart.  I want to go to the local bar and drink myself down to the gravel.  I want to make ridiculous claims or shout obscenities just to get attention.  It is difficult to cut a bloodline...  Like my father, I lean toward the dramatic, but like my mother I've got it under control and always recall her root words of compliance, "Conform.  Go shave your legs!"



What a day!  It started on a low point -- During my walk, a plastic bag reared up at the side of the road and tried to bite me, and something that looked suspiciously like a booger was stuck on my cell phone.  But the day ended on a high point.  I won big on Powerball at Casey's, and I blew it all on a donut.


We are all damaged, all unable to respond objectively when deeply stirred by emotion, none - all knowing.  Let's endeavor to include charity in our responses to others.


A pessimist's roadblock is an optimist's challenge.


Let's not merely walk softly through life, instead -- let's leave deep footprints of kindness.


Rather than doing over and over again only that which we do with great competence, let's add a new challenge.




I love Nebraska, as I would wish all people would love their home.   This is the place of my birth and the place of my life.  There is much beauty in its relatively flat setting.  The sky is sometimes paisley, sometimes full of streamers, other times - braids.  The land (but not alone) feeds the nation.  It is impossible to remain distant here, cool, aloof, virginal.  This fruitful land heats your blood and you must reach out and touch, experience its effort, harmony and abundance.


Have you ever been in such a bad mood that all you wanted to do was say black-and-blue things, and you see a good friend approaching, a friend who deserves better, who deserves the pink and yellow of the day? It might be better to wave, force your gritted teeth into a grin, and move in the opposite direction.


I move through this world seeking my father’s determination, my mother’s sweetness, my sister’s patience, my brother-in-law’s attention to detail, and the sensitivity of my daughter.


Let’s be a team, a partnership with common goal, purpose, end -- to improve reality.


Have you ever just sat back on your haunches when other action was indicated, and your ankles swelled, you teetered, you tipped, you fell, and could no longer rise to the occasion?


Have you ever felt you moved through life with happiness pinned to one side, sadness strapped to the other, and you didn’t appreciate the one enough, nor sufficiently learn from the other?


If I were to live another life, I would elect to improve my path, intensify my focus, but meet the same beautiful people.


Today, I sat thinking about an old acquaintance who breathed loudly through a three-times broken nose, a repeated gift from a schoolyard bully. He always seemed to shrug off assault and hid his pain in the glamour of his salt-pale face. A good-looking boy back then, but frail, an easy target. Maybe he grew up tall and out of it, and no longer takes life in the face, or by now must surely have car-crash features. I hope (though I'm not much for violence) that he got in a few good licks.... Or at least stuck it to someone who deserved it ---- maybe as a used car salesman.



Thought of the day: I fully realize that I, as a member of the human race, am capable of unspeakable evil. I pray that soft sentiment surrounds me and that the trigger is never pulled on the horror of which I am capable.



My thought for the day:  For a little while, forget the awful mortality of minutes, abandon reason, throw your baggage overboard, be young again with your child, and let your eyes fill with natural neon at the wonder of the world.


12/1/17 - My thought of the day (and a childhood memory):  Face head-on that which troubles you. A snake held tightly in the hand is much less frightening than one slithering at your ankles.


12/1/17 - Another thought of the day: It is not always a straight line to the truth. Take the phrase, 'Good riddance to bad rubbish." Need the word 'bad' be used? Isn't all rubbish bad?  Sometimes truth or understanding does not materialize at the end of a straight line. Sometimes you have to jazz stuff up for attention, and just go with that which flows.



12/2/17. My Thoughts of the Day:
Too often, we live through our groins and our pocketbooks, and only peek from under the brim of our hats at the real needs of mankind.

Though world utopia is a figment of imagination, what harm is there in working toward it?

Hatred is a deadweight agenda, acquiescence a peasant's tool, poor information a sword in the hand of an honest man, and blind violence and blind compassion both injustice.

We learn more from what we botch than from succeeding.  Disregard for the past denies man's universal need for apprenticeship.


12/4/17 Thought of the Day:  Life is a learning experience, they say. Invariably, I have known the best decision, the correct route, the most appropriate response for myself, but, pity, seldom at the right time.


12/10/17. Thought of the Day:    When overwhelmed, consider the swollen river blocked with debris.  It turns to untried ways, and continues.


12/11/17 Thought of the day: Have you ever wondered what was concealed in the dark shadows of your childhood that causes you to, on occasion, still look beneath your bed?


12/12/17. I was thinking how one might find the way to happiness:
Let the rain that falls into your life erode you to a gentler, smoother surface.
Demonstrate your strength with fortitude, not fists. Lower the heat of hostile environment to room temperature with your composure. And take every opportunity to learn from a child.


12/18/17 Thought of the Day:  Don't give up!  Any result from honest effort, even that which falls miserably short of your expectations or desire, is by virtue of its sincerity, a worthy cause.


12/18/17 Thought of the Day:  Sometimes change requires stitches, sometimes an exercise in discipline, and sometimes merely a strong grip on the seat of your pants.


12/17/18 Thought of the Day: A man who will not first scrutinize his own beliefs can have no positive effect on world change.


12/18/17 Thought of the Day: Even the lowest branches of a tree provide shade and protection.  Do not minimize your contribution, however small you might consider it, to the grand scheme of things.


12/24/17. Thought of the Day:
Let the sweat of failed effort be considered lubrication for upcoming success.


12/26/17 Thought of the Day:
I am already tired of the coats and gloves of winter.  I want to twist out of them, Houdini-free, and hold spring in my bare hands. 

12/31/17 Thoughts of the Day: Everyone, please be safe in your New Year's Eve celebration.  As for me, I would prefer to stretch out on an air mattress on a gentle ballet of waves on some warm pool-- with my only purpose that to breathe.  Alas, too cold for that, so I'll just let Calgon take me away. 


1/1/18 Thought of the Day:
I may be a crybaby...but already winter covers too much territory and takes steps that are too small.  It closes the window to fresh air, makes you dig for summer-sale blankets, and knocks the hell out of flower picking.


As I step into this New Year, I reflect on this awful aging thing.... I look in the mirror.  My face is cracked, in fragments. There is little trace of the me that I remember.  I stare at empty space, and empty space stares back... Maybe I should be brave and turn on the light.


I look up from my mound of year-end paperwork. I need air, need light. My mind is fat, full of memories battling for the attention I've been giving figures. In particular, I think of someone who smoked his first official cigarette when he was five, who teased me gently with his eyes in the days when we rode matched horses of humor through summer surf. A Country boy with a poet's soul. Don't get me wrong, I' m happy now, usually always am, but we were absurdly happy for a while, he and I.... How's heaven treating you, Larry?


1/2/18 Thought of the Day:
Understanding anything takes will, practice, and sometimes a little bit of imagination.


1/3/18. Thought of the Day:
Another day nearly done. Words are never finished, never enough to serve all senses that share the day. I wish I could find the right word, the one that conveys exactly what I mean, the one that says enough.  Maybe "blessing" is the closest I can get.


1/4/18 Thought of the Day:      Across the street, children play under a parent's watchful eye. I find myself thinking about all the lost children, those erased by violence and hidden, whose cries went unheard, unanswered, and who were discarded where only the earth will ever know of it.  Only Spring can bloom to mark precise location while families go on searching, aching endlessly, stumbling, weeping, blind.......... But, for now, some consulation -- across the street, three children are safe and play.


1/5/18 Thought of the Day:
Life is a counterbalance of exchanges on a learning curve.  That not heartily resisted can be fully, usefully utilized in the "upward" trade that delivers peace to the individual soul and leaks it out into the world.


1/5/18 Thought of the Day:
High aptitude is a horse without hooves if not combined with motivating force driven by informed compassion.


1/5/18 Thought of the Day (on a lighter note):  Personally, I don't eat "floor" food... but I've been told that it's okay if it has only been there long enough to wake the germs, but not long enough for the germs to crawl up on it.


1/5/18. Thought of the Day:  I used to love to ride wild horses, caught up in the blur, piercing the sky, racing through the summer.  (There's still power in my memory of it.) How I loved it, loved it so much that, like with all things, love got in the way of truth, at least for useful minutes before the carousel unloaded to seat another round of dreamers.


1/6/18. Thought of the Day:
"Here comes the sun."  Saturday morning is almost at the door, exposing herself to us, requiring attention.  Treat her well.  She will soon be gone.


1/6/18 Thought of the Day: Seeking a good life has varying connotation, but shouldn't it universally begin with an attempt to identify, then find or create conditions by which we are able to live with ourselves?


1/7/18 Thought of the Day:  Salute to Comedians: Comedy is frequently as intuitive and perceptive as drama, and often more difficult. Laugh often, laugh heartily and long at the cherry-pie filling of comedy then go back and inspect the crust for its support and a deeper meaning.


1/15/18 Thought of the Day:            

It is great to meet a new day with a sense (even if false) of world purity.
I feel nothing of evil in this moment. I  know only that I was granted this life and this day in it, and all I feel in the moments before peeling back the mask of sleep and becoming fully awake is gratitude.


1/15/18 Thought of the Day:

Bur-r-r-r!   Sure, winter has its beauty, its value, and its purpose, but I tend to appreciate a season more when I can walk slowly through it, and am warm.


2/1/18 Thought of the Day:   The  sky takes anything you shout at it, no harm done. Take your anger to the country, roll down your car window, and let 'er rip!


You know you are taking planning to excess when you take aspirin ahead of time because you know some kind of pain is coming. Guilty!


Despite the sun, it is a cold day, stuffed up, breathing through its mouth.  Me too, with my tiny cold and "big complaining."  I would prefer nature to stop undoing itself.  I so look forward to the sloppy wet kiss of Spring, and the return of all those steamy places of green.


2/14/18. Thought of the day:       Here it is Valentine's day, and I still hear the music of a dead man's voice  through all my windchime bones.  Be good to each other.  And love while there is still time!


2/15/18 Thought of the day: The heart can be an overripe apple geared for slavery and friction.  Invite clear thinking into the mix.


3/17/18. Thought of the Day: Today-- no bustle, no crowd, smiles everywhere, plain faces with quiet eyes. Music whispering from a neighbor 's window.This grand day is growing old and gray, and going out in splendid silence.


3/24/18. Thought of the Day:  A gray day seems to weigh a whole lot more than a bright one, and this one would bother me more if I were not so amused by a cat defying the law of gravity, blissed out by the smell of something a neighbor is baking, and totally amazed by another who lost his tongue in old age but still hands out a magnificent smile.


4/1/18 Thought of the Day:  Snow on Easter!  But it wasn't bitter. I don't think it came to close windows, slam doors, to hide Spring. I think it stopped in because it brought what it had to bring to the celebration.  It heard the laughter, felt the joy!  Christ is risen!

Curiosity is the source of creativity.


Take less time talking about people and more time talking about ideas.


Reconcile with failure. There will be no success without it.


Live love-worthy and most difficulties will reconcile themselves.


Take on an interesting challenge. Reap a meaningful reward.


Viewing problems is a matter of perspective. From the sky even the mountains look small.


Dirt is where all death eventually hangs on to each other.