What makes anyone want to get up in the morning and gather gear to "go kill something" for a body part? I don't understand the "trophy hunt." I have trouble enough accepting a "survival" kill, but then I've always had at least a can of corn to eat. I am not a vegetarian, so I know that makes me somewhat hypocritical, but I think of all the creatures large and small just trying to find their way, much as I am, and to know something was slaughtered for a scrap of hide or horn, or just because it inconvenienced or entertained someone by crossing someone's path....just makes me very sad.

Just something to think about:  I wonder why it is that we as parents sometimes substitute personal communication with our children with noisy gismos placed in their hands, offer the affection of money rather than personal touch and hugs, gaze at our wardrobe or checkbook or out the window while a little one tugs at our arm....and then stand dumbfounded and with accusations when the child fails to bond with us, and goes astray.


Who's To Blame?

Who silenced Jiminy Cricket?
Who's sullied Peter Pan?
By what freak of circumstance is Al   Capone an ordinary man?
Who made faith a gimmick?
Who put love to shame?
Who keeps bidding "uranium" in a dead hand poker game?
Who infected government?
Who recall the Trojan Horse?
Who turned Women's Lib to Women's Lip and split a world of force?
Who denied the names of children? Who forced the names on fame?
Who removed our brains to memory banks and put free thought in chains?

Mut, kaka, stranje, merda, hovno, lort, stront, sitt, paska, merde, dritt, rahat.....but don't concern yourself with it.  It's all crap!