Sometimes You Lose

If you have been rescued, you are qualified to rescue. Pay it forward.

Don't press "Rewind." Prepare yourself. Strengthen yourself. And then press "Fast Forward, " or at the very least, "Play." 

Know this, even having to go back after you make a wrong turn is a move in the right direction. 

Sometimes, if you want to move at all, you must adjust your sails to prevailing winds. 

Sometimes you can't go back to what "was." You must establish a new "is" and strengthen it. 

Compromise may bring harmony, but it'sno guarantee of happiness, so don't expect perfection from it. 

Don't give up. The sun is still there even when the earth turns away from it. 

Revenge is a ravenous beast. While destroying an intended recipient, it hollows out its source. 

At one time or another, everyone is defeated. Defeat is not the worst thing that can happen to you. More unfortunate is when you let defeat demoralize you. 

The worst moment for discontent is not when you are weary, rather, when you  don't care anymore.

It is difficult to sleep... I see a glimpse of golden brown in my mind. A small creature is not running, is not walking, but tries to drag itself toward the grass as its life is used up and it collapses in on itself. Poor squirrel. Another traffic fatality... 

Impetuous zeal puts fairness in jeopardy.

Liars don't have a problem promising anything, but the first broken promise removes credibility from all others. BEFORE YOU COMMIT, ENDEAVOR TO BE REALISTIC AND CERTAIN OF DELIVERY because acceptable excuses for breaking a promise are few: sickness, death, abject poverty, and, on the lighter side, amnesia.

I miss my dog, the way he listened, the way he looked at me -- non judgemental, affectionate, amused. The rooms are empty without him.

I know a lot of people casually, a few people pretty well, and a small number intimately, but I doubt I know anyone precisely, totally, accurately... because we all seem to keep the most important things about us well-guarded in privacy.

Sometimes you lose.  Maybe it's a person who never showed roots by speaking of anyone before you.... someone who turned putting away groceries into a real produce adventure....someone who'd been to many places and whose face wore every postmark.... a little dirty maybe, a little flawed, but no papier-mache build-up, no cardboard heart. A person who never made you feel you were only kicking distance from the curb.... and conversationally brought out every note of the keyboard-- though who would more simply call it, "talking some good shit." Wish I could have tied bells to the coffin so that something like that voice could forever go on ringing.  But then, like I already told, sometimes you lose.