Sometimes You Lose


Liars don't have a problem promising anything, but the first broken promise removes credibility from all others. BEFORE YOU COMMIT, ENDEAVOR TO BE REALISTIC AND CERTAIN OF DELIVERY because acceptable excuses for breaking a promise are few: sickness, death, abject poverty, and, on the lighter side, amnesia.

I miss my dog, the way he listened, the way he looked at me -- non judgemental, affectionate, amused. The rooms are empty without him.

I know a lot of people casually, a few people pretty well, and a small number intimately, but I doubt I know anyone precisely, totally, accurately... because we all seem to keep the most important things about us well-guarded in privacy.

Sometimes you lose.  Maybe it's a person who never showed roots by speaking of anyone before you.... someone who turned putting away groceries into a real produce adventure....someone who'd been to many places and whose face wore every postmark.... a little dirty maybe, a little flawed, but no papier-mache build-up, no cardboard heart. A person who never made you feel you were only kicking distance from the curb.... and conversationally brought out every note of the keyboard-- though who would more simply call it, "talking some good shit." Wish I could have tied bells to the coffin so that something like that voice could forever go on ringing.  But then, like I already told, sometimes you lose.