Praise for good behavior breeds repetition.

A good dream is success of oblivion.

Arguments seldom strengthen the facts.

Enjoying some small, harmless delinquency that suits you is nothing more than accepting your imperfection.

A person who deprives the scene of total comprehensibility, who keeps a little magic, a few secrets, draws the greater audience---which is curiosity.

We are all crippled, physically or psychically. We stutter. We misrepresent. We lie.... We roll. We crawl. We rise and run, often in the wrong direction.

Maybe, if you are alone and walking ever tightening circles between the fridge and your mattress and there's nothing in the refrigerator but milk.... maybe, if a warm shower or a cool drink doesn't work, television is lame, and music doesn't enliven you... maybe you're not unhappy or lonely like you think you are. Maybe you're just bored! The outside is a big place so that could be an easy fix.

There are special people who listen, try on each other's ideas and allow no storm in words. The code they share is understanding that those who guide, guide realizing no one should exact on another exactly what the other is or what they should do next.

I am heartened whenever I see a plant growing from a rock-- full of faith, bold and true, its chin up, its blossom to the sun, as it does the impossible regardless of what environment doubted it could do.

Having a bad day?  Get off the conveyor belt of sameness, put on a crazy outfit and some electric lipstick, (You too, fellas, for fun, if you're so inclined!), and get out there...write some chalk thoughts on the sidewalk, dance a jig, or as close as you can come to it....and love the world geographically, one piece, one thing, one person, one moment at a time.

Think Young

Thinking young is not the same as thinking small.....


Children are like fireworks. They throw themselves at the world, burst magnificently from mediocrity. They run faster and faster in a playground until their feet barely touch the ground.  They spread flat-out on a merry-go-round, and watch the sky, where nothing is out of bounds, spin wildly overhead. Every day, I learn something from a child or reach back to try to make myself from scratch again through a childhood memory.