Remember - when someone forbids you to do something it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do it at all. It might just mean you have to do it with or for someone else. 

Solitude can be freedom, or a prison cell. It can be heaven. It can be hell. It all depends on determination, direction, what usefulness you make of it.

Where did we ever get the idea that to improve someone's behavior, to make them do better, we have to first belittle, make them feel worse? Why condemn when there is so much power in encouragement? 

If you ask a youngster for honesty, and you punish him for it, you teach the child to lie.

Original thought is an impossibility. The same old words in different arrangement keep pouring out of new mouths.That not only seriously cuts down room for back-patting, but it freshens realization that life will go on without each of us. Scared?Humbled? Since I believe that humility is the most attractive human quality, and I want to admire all, I was going for the latter. 

Comfort comes from knowing your place.

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident..." (Thomas Jefferson). A delightful phrase, so much more elegant, eloquent than, say, "We ain't hiding nothin."

I dreamed of trees....They were strippers, provocative still in the dying colors of fall. They took a bow then quickly morphed into a Ziegfeld Spring explosion as the sun again started its exercise program for the big muscle. They threw themselves fully into the task of temptation, shade, and recordkeeping, so much wind and ripple, so many flutes and woodnotes, so much hoochie-coo and analysis that I lost focus, lost balance beneath their towering, far-reaching appeal and vigilance, and fell flat out in full awareness of another day —the excitement of beginnings like bright markers, ends like fine-gauged crochet, and change ever-expanding its attire.

There is comfort in being one of the predictable people, like a swing, going just so far… Back-and-forth, back-and-forth. One determined movement, relaxed with weight and being, in a routine where the ending of one cycle begins another, always carried forward on the ingenuity of air and dragged back by gravity.

If there is one good thing about being poor, it is this. Different things, important things matter.

Good morning! A day with a very interesting approach. A day with a big blowsy sun and fairy lights on everything that moves, landing like a concussive strike that leaves you seeing stars.

When we come up against webs, we panic. We flail our arms, a comical approach, but understandable because we often fear less the spider that is probably benign to us and so small by comparison, than we fear the sudden and the unknown.

I, too, am guilty of being sad over trivial circumstances, of being a person wandering around in a world I never really perceive or appreciate to know, but I do know this. Those days I hold onto paltry sorrow when around me everything is blooming, I deserve the grief I carry.

I definitely believe in the hereafter. I sporadically believe in signs from that realm...and have experienced significant indication (perhaps sometimes coincidental) ... interrupted signal and a favorite song suddenly playing on the radio....lights going on and off....birds lifting from a field to momentarily surround my moving vehicle, then lifting. Such events went on for twenty years after a significant death, then suddenly stopped... I attributed the whole experience to the person who passed being an "extremely strong- minded person in life" because there were others who died whom I loved dearly who, despite my desire and request, (maybe because they had less impactful personalities), never "signed" me, or I missed it. Bless each of your sweet, pain-filled hearts! May you be surrounded with loving touches from your precious loved ones who have passed!


Live simply. Think in terms of value rather than price, and you will be happy.


Don't let your life be merely a diet of facts. What you feel is as important as what you know.


Reading is not enough. Question what you read.


I try to be optimistic, in the simplest terms, because my heart feels good with hope in it.


Ponder this! What if your only purpose in life is to serve as a lesson to someone else?


What if you did have everything? Where in the world would you put it?


Sometimes life is like a toilet. Sometimes what you get out of it is the same as what you put in.


Things to do today:
1.  Reach out.  Be less a captive of your own small life.
2.  Quit trying to succeed at things that don't matter.
3.  Realize that failure is the result whenever you try to please everybody.
4. Use sense of humor to accept others and yourself.
5.  Wander a bit.  It won't mean you're lost.
6.  Realize that professing good will alone doesn't make you a good person any more than sitting in a delicatessen makes you a sandwich.

Things to do today:
1.  Continue to cultivate the experience of being alone without being lonely.
2.  Don't confuse my American right to be free with my obligation to work for it.
3.  Make common sense a common practice.
4.  Plan for the long run, but live in the moment.
5.  Move at least six times so my dog doesn't keep thinking I'm dead.

Dreams are bright in youth, wondrous and dramatic.  Too soon, mundane things can dim those dreams. Before eyesight and memory fades, and life is totally filled with the deep and wide of the ordinary, and gets hang-dog from the struggle, reserve a breath, a reach, an acute compression for the  resuscitation and resurgence of life's dreams.

Looking through the porthole from a relatively sane life, I find myself a bit pleased. Frequently, I may have  compromised reality with imagination in an effort to entertain myself, hid requested honesty in a response of laughter, used wild words in a sentinental splash of poetic vocabulary (There I go, doing it again) to try to make mediocrity look ambitious.  But I love words, sometimes more than what I use them to describe... just as some people love exercise (Not me) or  trips (No again) and though this might seem like an apology, I fully intend to go on being me, even to the point of the absurd (My daughter has been instructed to roll my body "in full makeup" to the crematory) and I remain committed to dressing up each subject between now and then and to delivering  it to a clarifying, (or, so be it,) comic end.  I intend to be myself and be proud of it.  Won't you join me, not in likeness, but in situation and resolve!

You can think what you want without being responsible, but speak it and expect to be judged.

Respect is an important part of intelligence.

Shake a lie hard enough and the truth will eventually fall out.

Narcissism: a major contemporary pollutant.

Support territorial imperatives - that 'Good fences make good neighbors' thing.