Though I have tried to earn a distance from destructive emotions, the last time I really wanted to scream I spotted my father in my head, pulling strings. Don't misunderstand. My father never broke my heart. He always saw me as a valuable person, and not currency. But he did plant a compass inside me that perhaps too often, and with twisted relevance, points back to him.

Right or wrong, some things my father told me:

My dad instilled many things in me-- perserverence, tolerance, tenacity, but he sometimes said one thing, and was another. Point of contradiction: "We should forgive our enemies....( Laughter)... "but not before we beat the shit out of them." Was he perfect? Hell no! No more or less than the rest of us.  But he sure was funny!


Be wary of anything you can't see through.

Just because you have the ability to do some things doesn't mean you should.    

Every movement is in one way or another an act of theft.

If you believe your life is nothing, there is nothing anyone can give you that will change it.

One way or another, all words fail.

Don't trust fond memories. They only slow down a clean getaway.