Believe in your own powers of emotional (and to some extent) physical healing. Maintain awareness and the strength to utilize it. 

No energy is wasted in the world. One thing goes to another, another, another.. Do the best you can with yours so that it will rise in bright colors. And all the while, remain true to humility that demonstrates unrelenting belief in others.

Complaining is not good strategy toward success. 

During difficult times it is the people who love us that keep us going. 

Devoting too much time to socializing can damage individual  progress.

My best friends have always been those who put me at ease, not those who excited me.

The most tired I ever felt came from not doing the necessary work before me.

The success of people is often less about ability and more about dedication. Continued ordinary efforts often turn into extraordinary results.  

You can hate someone, resent them, be jealous of them, but those feelings don't change them, only you.

Know your odds of success. Don't paint a house that's burning.

A wise person uses information to educate, not as a weapon.

I never think of myself as a special case. We are all broken in some fashion.

People often hurt others because their own hearts are wounded.

On a scale of truth, reasons and excuses are far from being the same thing.

Once in a while I compare myself to water, soft enough to go with the flow, and at other times tough enough to drown whatever gets in my way. 

Sometimes not only do you have to look through your mother's eyes, but you have to be your mother's age to understand the things that haunt her.

Unlike my mother who couldn't stand a mess, I have learned to let objects rest, to let dust rest, to let the world rest, and to vigorously, if necessary, stand at arms against almost every pop-up of petty self-abasement.

It's OK to fail at something and be OK with it.

Ordinary stillness serves a purpose.

Everyone carries a package all their life, tightly folded, hidden from the world.

Beware of too much, too little.  The same that buoys can sink.

A nature walk is the most simple form of science.

Comfort can come from an open field, but also from fences that are high enough.

Beware of those hawking bargain affection from the back seat of their cars.

Kind silence can sometimes heal a hurt that conversation could make worse.

Recommend bad movies as a form of revenge.