There are those who suffer physical pain and emotional anguish on a daily basis. There are those who, in response to that say, “Put on your big girl-boy pants. Throw off the pharmaceutical route. Deal with it!" Most likely, those are the people who have not suffered substantial amounts of pain or distress in their lives, so it is easy advice.” True, we should first call on and rely on the ability of our own body and mind to heal itself. We should muster up strength and not just “wish for,” but “truly believe in” our own healing power. But the degree of the suffering is the basis for the level of response, and sometimes outer influence is indicated. But there is also another need in these circumstances, the need for understanding and tolerance from those who share the lives of these afflicted people. Mocking is not the answer because ridicule counters, so suspends relief, but neither is mollycoddling which further weakens. Rather, struggle to increase understanding to build an atmosphere of support, which, at times, may be no more than providing small physical comforts, patience, and sometimes silence. No one should have to suffer alone, but, bottom line, everyone does. Improve on the lives of your people who suffer by creating a healthy support system.

One does not ever get to totally cast off the burden of loss, but the company of caring family and friends can lessen the burden by sharing the load. May you be lovingly surrounded, and tenderly buoyed.