Nostalgia doesn't intend to be a liar, but it can't resist bringing with it an array of vivid colors to reanimate and brighten up the past.


A goldfish in a bowl knows nothing about the ocean, just like each of us from our small station is small in understanding.


Nature takes its time. It finishes everything it sets out to do.


How can your own life have any worth when you place little value on the lives of others? .


I have argumentative moments. Sometimes I don't even agree with what I say.



California Kid

Way back when I was small, a little girl from California visited our neighborhood.  It was apparent to people on the street that we were different. They would bend to her and ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  They would step back from me and inquire, "Just what are you up to now?"   But she was all fresh, frilled and fluffy, with big curls on a tiny head.  I bet it didn't weigh a pound.  And I was Heidi-braided and fresh from the mudhole.  I didn't have a lot of toys, just some jacks, some paperdolls, so I tried to entertain her by teaching her how to cuss. I was pretty good at it. Knew all the variations.  She insisted she didn't do bad things like that. But two days later, that sweet little girl (I'll call her Linda, but I am no longer sure that was her name) with white hands, a frail voice, kisses in her eyes and an angelic smile around her overbite, that little bi-t--h, stole my Rosemary Clooney paperdolls.