Because each of us is filled with an unlimited amount of interesting aspects and idiosyncrasies, it is a shame there is not enough time for each of us to better know all others.


...the little kid hiding behind a tree... who watches others build a snowman, then rushes in to unbuild it, and, laughing, runs off with the head.

...the man with eyes averted from any kind of nest, whose unromantic heart never skips a beat.  He is incomplete without his car keys. He may give candy or daisies, but his power rests in leaving.

...the woman who is always crying, her voice breaking into Morse code nobody can understand.

...the man who shuns sensory experiences, gives half-a handshake, no eye contact.

...the woman who talks all the time, like waves barging in, whispering out, the same thing over and over, louder and louder, like an oldtime radio -- mostly static.

...the father who punishes with the "evil eye," leaving damage from which the weaker ones may never recover.

...the perfect, "rock-a-by" mother, always vigilent, who will never let the bough break.

...the flim-flam man with a book of Fifth-Avenue promises who wears exaggeration like an accessory and takes investors apart for easy handling.

...the couple that wears itself thin, teeth grinding throughout "me-first" marching-band conversations.

...the adventurer who tolerates no security or inconvenience, who charges into the great belly of the sky, devoid of customary armaments, to take on whatever comes.

...the pretender with meticulous ways of being, thinking exactly like another, to build the cheap repoire of fictitious friendship almost as exciting as two people, side-by-side, vacuuming the rug.

...the ones who never lie, but have made a lot of mistakes they never talk about.

....the anxious ones, grade school children of the pharmacy, medically stenciled with serial numbers that suggest there is no healthy use for true expression, for anger or sorrow that staggers a bit outside the lines, and that all questionable impulse should, instead of being faced, understood and shaped, be quickly obliterated.

...the spouse who mistakes your mind for a sponge and your body for a tool.

...the interresting couples -- the pedestrian sigher and the anagramic dreamer; the interrogation officer and the poet; the journalist and the choreographer; the riverbank man and the shopping mall woman..... and those with toothbrushes hanging side by side, who share their mornings and their dreams, their evenings and their grief, and are together always even when one of them is away.