There is still hope when in the midst of damaged environment you are still willing to try to build something.

Why is it that sometimes people treat responsibility like it is something that can kill you rather than an opportunity for personal growth?

Although there may be a bit of relief in giving up-- in whatever your difficulty, I wish you the courage to continue.

A single snowflake is a polite and delicate thing, but look what it can do in great numbers!

Running faster doesn't ensure you're going to get anywhere. 

Although we might sometimes desire to cut away the sad, the painful, the awful parts of our past, I doubt we could do so without retarding our growth and decreasing present personal value.

Good morning ! I wish I could direct my day in such a way that the devil would complain about my waking. 

If you feel broken, dark inside, scattered in shreds, take a minute to gather your pieces, then put them together in a new way, and climb out of your comfort zone to start with a clean slate, knowing nothing, but hoping for and working toward much.

Out beyond…. Beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing there still exists (Thank God!) a blank field to plant with good intentions.

You don't need caffeine if you have enough passion for the task. 

I believe I will again see every pet I ever had, that is, if I make it into Heaven. 

If you can't find the right words to set things right, gesticulate in the "right" direction.

I want to be happy, sure, but more than that, I want to be deserving of happiness.

Success might be no more than determination with a good aim.

If you have the power to lead, be grateful, but also kind. The power to lead also gives the power to mislead, as well as to destroy.

We are not stuck with all emotions. When we really work at it, what we feel can be a choice.

I do not always succeed, but I try to honor those who have loved me and sacrificed for me by being the kind of a person who struggles for justice even when it threatens or hurts me.

Perfect revenge just might be striving to become the exact opposite of your enemy.

We do not stop chasing our dreams when we get old. We get old because we stop chasing them.

Fear can be your worst adversary. It is indecent, merciless, and crawls into your weakest spot, which it finds without difficulty. Identify it. Name it. Shout its name into your strongest part. Use that protective, rallying instinct like a brick to break the window of distress, then flee, I pray, untroubled and unharmed.

A simple solution: Whenever you find yourself in the wrong place, leave.

Be patient with yourself and with others. Be compassionate toward others and toward yourself. Be kind within every given opportunity-- and take as many people with you as you go.

Change comes less often as a result of words than as a result of actions.

Artistic endeavor is at its best when it not only reveals details of outward appearance but also surrenders a delightful portion of inward significance.

I want to learn something new every day, but sometimes the air must be too scratchy, there must be too many flying rivets of distraction, too many moaning body pipes, a dirty diaper of sour thinking, or shortness of breath from rushing in the wrong direction.... or maybe too many ferries of temptation are docking at my shore, or I experience some form of spiritual and jugular inconsistency. I have far too many things to blame for the laziness of poor reception, and most of them are bull. Those are the days I take the easy route and open an encyclopedia.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Certainly, the reflection is not proof of worth, but we have been led astray to believe that anything reflected in a crummy piece of glass has the power to stamp us either good or bad.

Love the world enough to be generous to others. Love yourself enough to receive.

When you are troubled, walk toward the peace of wild things whose lives are not burdened by forethought.

Match your knowledge with your endeavor. It's best not to jump into the deep water if you don't know how to swim.

Don't let the recommendations of others fully determine the direction of your life or you will be living their life and not your own.

Since wisdom comes from the intelligent use of time and experience, it is not an automatic attribute of old age.

Experience is what you gain when you don't get exactly what you want.

The losses and pains of our lives leave permanent holes. The best we can do, through continuing effort, is plant flowers around them. 

Sometimes we have to live the questions in our life for a long time before we can live the answers. 

Can we ever be a whole person if only wonderful things happen to us?

Experiences are the major ingredients of us all. They make us both the same and different. 

In every work of art, in every landscape, in the faces of people, we see what we love first.

There are many ways to learn. You can read. You can watch. You can pee on an electric fence.

Take responsibility for your own mistakes. Do not use excuses like fingers pointing at somebody else.

Preparation and circumstances influence outcome, or, in other words: It's better to jump from an airplane WITH a parachute than WITHOUT.

It's not all about mollycoddling! There's something to be said for the disciplinary stare of a parent, a look so sharp you could cut your hand on it, to keep a child on the good path.

THE TEACHING TREE: You will know it when you see it. It rises high. It keeps on despite everything that harms it. Fences were nailed to it. Whittle sticks were cut. Insects attacked. Winds tore it, hail hammered, lightning struck. It took all that was given it and lifted it into knobs, bends and warping, into a peculiar perfection, so that all the acts and accidents against it became a part of greater purpose.

Popularity comes from being interested in other people, not from trying to make other people interested in you.

Job Search: Find out what work you like to do, then look for someone who is willing to pay you to do it.

Character comes from not being stopped by whatever it is that wants to stop you.

Start your day determined and you will probably go to bed satisfied.

The best years of your life are those when you recognize your problems as your own making and take control of your destiny.

You will succeed if you elevate your personal standard above your failures and hold onto your enthusiasm.

Fit in to acclimate to the situation, then make a spark to stand out.

Invite success by opening your mind to variables.

Focus your attention on what makes you want to get up in the morning.

Think funny things. A lot of the answers in life are found in humor.

Remember that it is possible to learn something from every person you meet.

Success is often the outcome of going from one try to another without losing hope.

Do not quickly dismiss the ordinary man.  He could be a case of shy genius.

Invention is circling the known, studying it, then approaching it differently.