Aside from the fact that a bear is one of nature's most fearsome predators, my most satisfying hug and longevity of intimacy was with a Teddy Bear, a cartoonish interpretation of the fearsome bear, that looked like the victim of a grenade by the time my need had killed it. I saw the cutest Teddy Bear in the store today, and I almost bought it until my much older heart reminded me that it just wouldn't be the same. You can act childish, but you can't relive your childhood.

Perhaps I hang on a bit too long to things I appreciate, but I stopped believing in Santa Claus only when he started looking younger than me. 


About children

Even you quiet-as-a-mouse mothers know what I'm talking about. Let someone threaten harm to your offspring, and a lion is breaking out of your rib cage. 

 I am thankful every single day that my parents did not stunt my growth by making life too easy for me.


True, sometimes children need a good talking to, but they also need to be listened to.


Don't forget to tell children you love them, you believe in them, that they are unique and you are proud of them, but also that, "This is your responsibility, and I expect you to do it."


Don't forget that children often watch what you do better than they listen to what you say.


Children have always been able to ask questions even scholars can't answer


Spend less money on children, and more time with them.


I wish to be more like a child, to be happy without reason, to stay busy being inventive, and to cry out with my needs, but, alas, I have outgrown that simplicity. 


A child ignored grows into a stunted adult.


It's a pity that absolute honesty is found only in a child.


A child tests your patience while you attempt to teach it. 


Raise children not to have equal and identical lives, but to have equal opportunity.


There is no damage in too much love for children, rather in the substitution of too many gifts.


I have always been greatly appreciative of the wonderful child I have, and, in the early years, a little grateful when she slept.


Encourage your children to be individuals. In the years after teaching them to walk and talk, don't tell them to, "Sit down and shut up."