When darkness falls around you and feels like malignancy, reach upward for the living light strong enough to resist it.

If I hate anything in this world, and I hate to even use that word, it is the intolerance of individuality and the disrespect for difference.

I, like many others, can too often be a relative participant in the redundancy prognosis. Same actions. Unaltered expectations. Similar results. It all becomes a funhouse mirror of virtual re-election of specifics, a generic cartoon with an alphabetic road map leading to a bucket for pouring more filthy water under the bridge.

Sometimes you have to take the hard way because there is no better way.

When the road ahead of you seems buried, plow on.

What good do you ever get from any endeavor if it does not somehow test you?

Winning can be finishing in First Place, or it can be just stretching your own limitations.

Personal courage is its own gift. It does not need applause.

Life is a series of gains and losses, and a quest to save something valuable from the ruins.

When you are young, everything seems so big, and when old, so small.

When the day has been filled with too much work and too much intelligent conversation, sit down in the sand and babble a while with a child.

Failing first is a big part of later success. Talent is often less significant than stamina.

Life goes quickly, and only seems endless when it is filled with unpleasant moments.

Don't give up. You may feel like you are breaking in half, but you are actually growing twice as strong.

Failure is not complete until you stop trying.

Options are limited. Cure or endure.

I like being emotionally strong, but dislike the events that brought me here.

When you are seized by sadness, loss, even hatred, when you have lost your faith in future, feel a total sense a visionary deadness, when you are choked by the bright colors of other people's happiness and lost in the blurred dizziness of your own element, I pray that only good things touch you on your path to find the white door that opens to the warmth of your relief.

Trying to rationalize away sorrow is like trying to light a torch under water. Sadness has muscle, such a struggle to stay afloat, but drowning does not occur merely because you fall into deep substance (We all do that, if some much worse than others!) instead because you stay there. Try to remember that the difference between failing and succeeding could be just one more try, and if you have the strength (and I pray you do!) please try again.

When your mood matches the day and the day is gray and wet, it's as if even nature knows what you have done wrong and is determined to hold it against you.

Some winter days I am hollowed by the vacuum of the cold and feel little sense of safety or personal coherence, but on a day such as this is to be -- a day that desires to amuse itself in sunshine and in pastels -- there is hope for a sense of self-sufficiency and the absence of dread or indifference, and I, for one, can again feel a joy compared to that in youth, an energy and strong passion to get moving within the playtime recess of warmth in the 4th period of the year.