I'm going to bed early, and I will get up early because I took down the curtains. I think they are green. I'm going to wash them tomorrow, so I'll find out for sure. 

I share the most common human failing of falling short of given ability and expectations. And yet, God loves me. I am certain of it. I'm just not certain why.

If only we realized how easily most of us can be manipulated, we would not so readily become puppets in someone else's show.

Here's to a cup of tea and a few moments of fond memory on a sunny morning...... to those things that push through what seems like a sensory deprivation of reality into a hallmark of mystical, remembered experiences. Delightful thoughts of someone who was your home with a heartbeat, a protector strong enough to carry fire in bare hands, and who is still mystically available upon invitation along the sidelines of your life.

Sure, some poetic words exaggerate. And they are meant to, meant to rise above the attire of an ordinary day just like a suit or a party dress, in hopes you will tap your feet to the beat or even get out there and dance.