The glory of life is that as we explore and as we learn we find so many other things yet unfathomed.

If I got smarter as I got older, I learned one thing for sure: I still know very little.

I am as pleased with those things that I have as much as, I suspect, I would be pleased with those things that I don't have and still want. 

Some of us put up walls.Those who really like us climb over.

Wrong is still wrong, even if it is a majority view.

If you think you are always right, prepare yourself for a lonely life.

We are free to make right or wrong choices. Sometimes right is relative. Sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason.

Maybe I have always been too Hitchcockian, but when the rooms are dark, when darkness is full, I find it strangely comforting.

If I regret anything, chief among it all is the fact that I wasted one minute being what someone else wanted me to be rather than being myself.

I have underestimated the worth of many things, unfortunately, most times after I threw them away.

Alcohol: At times a reliable truth serum.

If not careful, you may find that a storm takes you to the wrong shelter.

People frequently find you the most interesting when they are allowed to do most of the talking, and you mostly listen. 

Don't you just hate it when someone is wrong at the top of their voice?

Yesterday I didn't make a single mistake because yesterday I didn't do anything.

In the evaluation process of life, very often the good things that were not done are far more disappointing to the individual than the bad things that were.

Sometimes people ask such irrational questions that it is quite easy to conclude that they really don't want any answers. If they don't have to worry about the answers, they can continue to hang onto their own stale ideas.

Ask the right questions, and you'll probably get the right answers.

I like to believe that people are not purposely hurtful and that it is a good idea if you, before being offended about something someone said to you, take a moment to ask yourself, "Could this mean something else?"