I'm rich, rich, rich! I didn't get that way by acquiring more. I got it from wanting less.

Practice fidelity to the moment because it will be gone soon, and you will have made nothing of it.

My happiness does not depend on what lies in my future. It thrives on what is in today.

The true waste of time is trying to solve a problem that isn't a problem.

Don't dwell on resentment and cling to complaining. Just feel what you feel momentarily, and then be done with it.

The more I give up in material things, the more I gain of time.

We are not obligated to accept the viewpoint of others, and we should not be fixated on being viciously judgmental.

Admit it. What you can't explain you probably don't understand yourself.

Know when to finish things. Know when to leave things undone.

Don't let huge ambition get in the way of small accomplishments.

Vanity feeds on elegance and complication. Humility doesn't feed at all. It is satisfied.

Did you ever notice that animals seem to move to some kind of music - the cat to ballet, the dog to native drums, squirrels to jazz, and birds in flight to Mozart, definitely Mozart?

Out beyond…. Beyond my rightdoing and wrongdoing there still exists (Thank God!) a blank field to plant with good intentions.

Sometimes silence and hiding behind a door protects you. Sometimes not. So far, I am relatively unscathed, having used my “shut-up” skill somewhat wisely.

I have learned a great deal more from silence than I have from empty noises.

If you have virtually nothing to say, refrain from speaking.

Sometimes I like the streets without companions, without talk, without traffic or confusion, and shared with but the interpretative basics of existence.

Some situations require that something be said, but seldom is telling “all” required.

Silence is an effective weapon, has its own eloquence. People seldom expect it. Instead they expect anger, flailing, defensive or offensive blows, and they become tense, and virtually defenseless against the still.

I wonder if some of the talkative people are hiding something, if they are hammering up a privacy fence of gibberish to keep secrets concealed, or are trying to weaken you, to beat you down, so they can make a clean getaway.

Some quiet people are mysterious. Some are merely observant, absorbent, missing little.

The sorrowful and the wise often wear much the same expression.

Keep a secret until the fact of it is irrelevant, and then keep it longer. 

Within nature all secrets lie. Its language is ancient and may remain undecipherable, but good students make eye contact and learn from gestures. 

Give praise, for approval supports hope. Criticize because doubt, properly delivered, promotes improvement. 

A huge smile might stick out like a funny hat with ear flaps in the middle of summer, and therefore display as inappropriate, and untrustworthy, but smile anyway...any time you can.

Fidelity is not a multiple choice question, nor is it situationally excused. 

If you use insults to support your argument, you have ceased to exchange facts, and now are trading in foolishness. 

Merely for the sake of belonging, we often settle for less than we are worth. 

An empty wallet, empty stomach, empty life might cause us to write some pretty good poetry, but hunger is not a good financial advisor. It can make thieves of us all.

Am I rich? Definitely not. Am I poor? No, not that either. Do I have anything at all in my personal life to complain about? Nada! Do I know how lucky I am? Absolutely! Do I wish that kind of enrichment on everyone else! Without exception!

Healthwise, I have always been blessed. And I'm going to be in great shape again just as soon as they discover a cure for old age.

Some people have such heavy egos that they seem to punch holes in the ground when they walk. 

Observe people. If they bite their lips when talking to you, there’s a good chance they aren’t telling it all.

Wit is often used as a cover-up for pain. 

Most of us resist taking orders, but will comply to a courteous request.

Guard your actions and your words rather than relying on apology. Generally, apology will not revive a broken trust. It merely mummifies the corpse.

Justice is not always justice. Too often, wealth brings acquittal.

Sad as it is, sometimes-- if we were as far out of town as we are out of touch, nobody would ever be able to see us.

I’m neither the warmest person, nor stone-cold. I call myself “room-temperature.” 

The search for a good relationship is often a quest to find in the commonplace a shrink with whom you can be intimate.

My mother was quiet, calm. Sometimes the only way I could tell how mad she was was by how dark her eyebrows were drawn. 

Thinking someone is really beautiful and really caring about them are two different things.

We all miss opportunities in life. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave when it is in your best interest.

Sometimes I’m a good listener. At other times, as receptive as an AK-47. The latter are good days to stay at home.

I remember and miss a man whose eyes were so sharp I didn’t know if they would burn me, or freeze me. Incapable of making puppy-eyes, he was also incapable of lying. His words were few and so often fed the intelligence of others. He was a professional at sarcasm, but tolerant when it was abused by amateurs. And he had the secret power of knowing that when he could not offer comfort to someone who was suffering, to provide, silence instead.

It’s a shame that the only fire in some peoples’ lives is when someone rakes them over the coals. 

Quite often, noble motives get sidetracked into inappropriate action.

Misinformation can be as destructive as intentional evil.

You might find that you pick people to become your friends not only because of how kind THEY are, how fair, how amusing, but also because of how kind, how fair, how amusing YOU become when you are around them. 

The glory of life is that as we explore and as we learn we find so many other things yet unfathomed.

If I got smarter as I got older, I learned one thing for sure: I still know very little.

I am as pleased with those things that I have as much as, I suspect, I would be pleased with those things that I don't have and still want. 

Some of us put up walls.Those who really like us climb over.

Wrong is still wrong, even if it is a majority view.

If you think you are always right, prepare yourself for a lonely life.

We are free to make right or wrong choices. Sometimes right is relative. Sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason.

Maybe I have always been too Hitchcockian, but when the rooms are dark, when darkness is full, I find it strangely comforting.

If I regret anything, chief among it all is the fact that I wasted one minute being what someone else wanted me to be rather than being myself.

I have underestimated the worth of many things, unfortunately, most times after I threw them away.

Alcohol: At times a reliable truth serum.

If not careful, you may find that a storm takes you to the wrong shelter.

People frequently find you the most interesting when they are allowed to do most of the talking, and you mostly listen. 

Don't you just hate it when someone is wrong at the top of their voice?

Yesterday I didn't make a single mistake because yesterday I didn't do anything.

In the evaluation process of life, very often the good things that were not done are far more disappointing to the individual than the bad things that were.

Sometimes people ask such irrational questions that it is quite easy to conclude that they really don't want any answers. If they don't have to worry about the answers, they can continue to hang onto their own stale ideas.

Ask the right questions, and you'll probably get the right answers.

I like to believe that people are not purposely hurtful and that it is a good idea if you, before being offended about something someone said to you, take a moment to ask yourself, "Could this mean something else?"