I have never been bitten by a dog, and only by a few people. I can remember only one dog that looked at me and didn't like me. I went home that day and looked at my expression in the mirror, and I didn't like me either.

We want peace and we want freedom. Unfortunately, we don't always get both at the same time. 

Confidence is a wonderful, though sometimes dangerous condition, as--- if it causes someone to jump from an airplane because they believe they can build a parachute on the way down.

Could be? Some people are brought into our lives as a reward, others as a punishment. 

Don't try so hard to fit in. Somebody has to stand out. Why not let it be you! 

On Monday, I like to be necessary to some small endeavor in the world, but by Friday I choose anonymity, to be as invisible as air. 

Dare to be different. Sameness and always watching your p's and q's coerces you into being anything but what you really are. Show a little resistance, apply a little pressure, pick out some tools of creativity and design yourself a satisfying life.

Perhaps if you look to the stars, you might be able to see beyond your own life craters and learn to burn brighter for the short time you burn. 

Mankind is like cumulus, ever-floating, never absolutely anchored. 

Up. Down. True. False. There is no end to space and dimension. At some point, everything is out of absolute alignment. 

We can walk for miles and still can't reach the person standing beside us.

If someone gives you a part-time position in their life, don't give them priority in yours.

"You're nuts," said the walnut to the pecan. "But isn't everybody in one way or another? Let's make an effort not to judge."

I do the best I can, but I am not the sharpest crayon in the...in the...in the crayon- thing.

Empathy is a building block of intelligence, apathy its destroyer.

Intelligence is a great thing, but if it doesn't develop a purpose, it may as well be stupidity.

If you're tough enough, you might be able to get away with saying some really stupid things..

Nowadays, if you want someone to remember and repeat what you say, you might have better luck if you sing it.

True, lower intelligence is not as fancy, as articulate, but it is often more straightforward and honest.

So many times when opening our mouth to speak we should have just eaten something instead.

Stupidity is revealed whenever you profess to know it all.

This year, the weeds are more gangly than usual, more serious, like thugs with tight fists. This year, the flowers are mad with color, deep and capricious, blowsy, pitching kindness and affection. Like good and bad, their edges meet at the fence, each with its own narrative, braced and ready to engage when another wind or hard rain comes to stir up trouble-- a hell of a lot like the year 2020. 

Be patient with yourself. Nobody shines all the time.

You'll find out how strong you really are when the time comes that being strong is the only choice you have.

Optimism is just hope with a stubborn smile.

Your choice... You can stew in your own juices, your misery, or you can climb out and grab a towel. Either choice takes about the same amount of effort.

Sometimes in our quest to better the world we set congested idealism next to our anger and our lack of specific provisions for improvement. We want meaningful lives, we yearn for values, for fairness, and because we lack provisions of acquisition, we turn into circus performers, often colorful, sometimes entertaining, too often dangling dangerously in mid air. If only we could, instead of trying to out maneuver each other, sit amicably at the table and listen to each other, we might get to the bread-and-butter of change. Just my thoughts. Perhaps not yours.

I think we all may have a bit of bipolarism. Sometimes I, without sufficient reason, feel buoyant, as if a part of sky, at other times, so low I wouldn't have to stoop to pick up a stone. Though one is promising, and the other not, both are false, and I, perhaps because of soft-touch symptoms, neither frequent, lasting, nor severe, am able to bypass the medicine cabinet and dispel them by grabbing the horizon with my eyes, and thus grounded, or lifted, as applies, move realistically forward.

Isn't it ironic that if we wished to become another person, and could do so for a while, we would invariably find out that person is also flawed?

She, a young woman, a proverbial female, tended to select romantic interests by the same criteria as she selected food -- by beautiful presentation, but it often turned out to be too greasy for her taste.

How many times have we all been on the road to opportunity and let a BRIDGE OUT sign stop us instead of hiking up our pants legs and swimming or wading through, or looking for a way around?

There can be a vast difference between what is true and what is believable.

Trying to change the opinion of another is as improbable as curing a hypochondriac.

Then there are the thieves that steal your time-- not with true emotion, not with cordiality, not by impressing you with hard work -- simply with a good line of bullshit.

The trouble with trusting your eyes above all else is that most people see what they want to see, often not what's really there.

It seems to me that about half of getting to feel better comes from taking the medicine, and the other half from the belief that you're going to get better. So I treat most of my ailments with simple aspirin and bank on the placebo effect.

Of the people I have known---the loudest have rarely been the strongest.

Why must we, as a whole, be a depressed lot, destructive, lonely, dependent, notoriously anxious and unhappy, and always complaining about not having enough time while we ultimately beat the time that we do have to death?

Few things are absolute, but you can believe the ground. It is what it is, and if a map indicates something different, the map is incorrect.

A pleasant appearance does not always mean a pleasant person.. Sometimes the nicer you look, the more deception was built into the process.

If today you didn't tell someone you love them, tell them. If you are not happy, try to be. Be afraid of germs enough to be cautious, but not enough to be committed. Look around enough to appreciate what surrounds you, or at least to avoid being hit by a car.

Life is not always about protecting, about keeping every piece. Sometimes it must be about pruning, about cutting something off so that something more useful, more beautiful can grow.

Practiced liars know the best way to tell a lie is to tell a bit of truth, and then stop talking. Usually this is accompanied by a bright and shiny smile, making it as good as tinfoil for covering up something. .

I could be telling you about the man in my life if I said that he was incredibly handsome but not the slightest bit vain. I could tell you how strong he is without being insolent, how much courage he has without being ferocious. Yes, I suppose I could be talking about unblemished virtues of man, or then again, I might be telling you about my dog.

Go ahead and call me stupid! In one way or another, everyone is ignorant.

The majority of people are living artwork. Beautiful or unique on the outside. Full of mystery within. Oh, that there were enough time to know and appreciate the inner meaning, the inner beauty of them all!


but there are monsters too, those who hold tight to their monstrosity and rely on your fear of them to keep them strong. They belong do the despicable group that not only purposely gets up on the wrong side of the bed, but intentionally set an early alarm.