The chronic use of excuses identifies you as an unreliable person.

If you argue for the sake of victory rather than to seek truth, the point of it all will likely be missed.

Too often when logic fails, volume increases. 

Time to get up. I crawl out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face. I pick out and put on my clothes for the day. I yawn, scratch myself, flop back into bed and pull the cover over my head. For just a few minutes longer, I avoid the responsible part of the day.

There are times that "difference" does not weaken, instead, it strengthens.

Don't despair, ladies. Probably even the supermodels look at their pictures and wish they looked like that.

I wonder if "civilization" is even a possibility, or what we call "civilized" is merely the ability to live in a group. Just because we are doing what everybody else is doing doesn't mean we aren't still barbaric.

I have tried to grow up in reason. Unfortunately though, I may have merely jumped from one adolescence to another.

For me, destination is seldom a place, rather, the improvement of a situation.

When life is good, be grateful and dance. When life is bad, be grateful at least for the lesson, and learn.

Perhaps because of a strong companionship with words, there has, so far in life, been no boredom, no loneliness in my solitude.

The honor in a struggle is more important than the trophy of a win.

If your life is too easy, you will do little, so how can you ever hope to be remembered?

Grief is strong. Vow to be stronger.

You will never notice if you are tied down if you never try to move.

Be loyal to your worst nightmare. Struggle to prevent it from ever being so.

Like everyone else in the world, I can respond inappropriately and act irrationally, but I realize that many of those responses are powered by hatred, jealousy, or my own laziness, and therefore will do no good in the world....and so I beat them back like the mad dogs they have become, and I (not always succeeding) try to remain civil. 

Neither the human psyche nor a clean-up rag is of much benefit to the broken or the mess of life if it, itself, hangs in tatters. Be kind enough to keep yourself whole. Then be kind enough to serve.

I don't care that much about material possessions. That about me that I most prize is any good idea I haven't had yet, or any good deed I might (if a charitable mood holds) yet do.

Power is the most damaging when it does not come with the wisdom of proper useage.

Sometimes, when damage to another could result, we must put the brakes on our desires.

Without love or attraction as an initial excuse, I have many times in life listened to people, watched people, and grew to love those who had exemplary right to it.

It is what words you choose, and not the number, that proves your point.

We all have dual lives: visible one that conforms, internal one that runs free.

Snippets of thought shared on social media can be like the tip of an iceberg, cold, sometimes confusing, sometimes misleading, not frequently (I hope) cruel in intent. It's all rather like trying to absorb content from an encyclopedia by a random flip of pages. I am amazed by the maze, the point and counterpoint, of the human mind, and, hopefully, always respectful of its outpouring. (And, just one more thought ....what the hell am I doing up at this time of night anyway?)

I love animals. Not everybody does. I understand that. But I wonder how often people seek to remove animals from their surroundings because they feel imposed upon, not so much because the imposition is large, intolerable, or unsafe, but because the allowance of the smallest degree of coexistence challenges their belief in their own supremacy and the rights they bestow upon themselves. 

The vast majority of us are not bad people. We are just ordinary people who sometimes fall victim to insecurities, misinformation, or personal flaws, and do bad things. We deserve to be forgiven. Forgive someone today--- even if they don't ask for it.

Every day life is trying to teach you something. Pay attention.

At no time in my life did I expect or want an intimate companion to be my personal "genie in the lamp." Nor would I accept being a silent, blow up doll. I sought no more than to give the touch, and to receive the touch that together constructed the magic of a cohesive relationship. Bravo to all you fine couples who built one! 

Peace starts in yourself: Who has not had their handsome howls, their organic grunts? Swam naked circles in a farm pond? Got pleasure from breaking tiny laws? On the more serious side, maybe you pulled up your family root to plant yourself in gnarled difference of opinion. Maybe for what you could have solved with words you used a shovel to make a wounded surface. Could be, obstinance dogged you on until you felt the rot (I've been there.) -- until you eventually learned you don't have to complain instead of reason, don't have to cut up or rip out the stitches of human difference, until you are less apt to photograph and publicize rather than attempt a fix, don't have to narrow everything down to wrong or right but can make at least small allowances for the small eccentricites of others. 

True generosity is not giving what you can spare, but giving what you need yourself.

We are all guilty of wrongdoing, but guilt is not without value if we use it as a reminder to do things better.

By doing small things efficiently, you train yourself to do larger things well.

Work hard-- good. Never give up-- also good. Never be ashamed of your own personal obsession for that fixation will take you (if anything will) to the doorway of greatness.

Sometimes when I don't live up to my own expectations, I get up and pace around the room as if I'm trying to leave my disappointment in myself behind, but it goes with me every step of the way, a dark shadow made by me, to hound me, to straighten me out. Call it conscience, call it guilt, call it restitution for having been, so many times, in the right place in the world to do good things, and for not doing them.

When trying to solve a problem, you will find that just sitting still will only make your butt go to sleep. Stand up. Take one step, and another, and another... Each step will make the next one clearer.

A true leader does not solicit followers. He earns them.

When day turns into night, mingling all things, removing shadows, it can become an impetus for change, for improvement of character, because it makes the most terrifying of all suggestions -- the suggestion of personal nothingness.

I made a discovery when I scrutinized my own confusion. Without exception, every hurtful thing I ever said to anybody came from my own insecurities.

Celebration is common in nature -- sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, silent and all-consuming joy that without fanfare of plastic flags, applause, or a big brass band, wows the eye and feeds the soul. Don't let the curtains stop you! Go outside and celebrate!

Have a goal? Don't give up. I believe if you keep your mind on your purpose, if you keep your clarity of vision, if you are steadfast in your faith in yourself, and have the necessary depth of gratitude, you have a good chance of receiving results in direct proportion to your effort.

I often think that the arts and invention is as much about coloring outside the lines as it is about precision and perfection.

Whenever I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself, I tell myself that I have at least five cans of pork-and-beans, running water, and a toilet that flushes. I have no reason to throw myself into anxiety, into unhappiness, into the Blue River.

If you convey fears, doubts, mistrust, disappointment to your children and do not balance it with recognition of the beauty of life, you will regrettably, unconsciously, unintentionally make it so much more difficult for them to be happy than to be discontented.

All in all, I am happy with my lot, but cling to a spark of discontent that I can use to help me grow.

A common response when caught in the act -- "I know nothing! I didn't see it! I didn't hear it! I didn't do it! I didn't even think to do it." --- Any old adamant plea using denial as a method to deal with loss of control.

Listen with your ears, but also with your reason. Never forget that words can be twisted into many shapes to conceal underlying nature.

You can never really disown the sad and painful experiences that are yours. The best you can do is force yourself to stop picking at the scab so that healing, though still resulting in scars, can begin.

If angered difference of opinion is followed by regret, that's a good place to make another start.

Angry about something? Think it through, then speak up, but sensibly! Whenever you turn your anger inward, you become not only less willing to risk healthy rejection, but something in you settles for a future of nonchalant indifference. But don't push reconciliation because that is sometimes not the desire of someone who wishes to break free of you. Not any one of us is everybody's cup of tea.

A good decision can be made only if good information is at hand.

I am greatly blessed! I have my health. I have enough butter to spread on my bread, and I am surrounded by people with enough madness within to make them ultra interesting!

Metaphorically relating, I wonder how many people would soar higher in life if not so afraid to fly.

The enemy lurking in the bushes is a far less threat to you than the false friend who holds your hand.

Thanks to all the hard-working people whose combined effort in various avenues makes my life easier, and allows me the luxury of having time to just think. The hardworking man cannot spend that much time tinkering around inside his head. He is much too tired. 

We are born alone We will die alone. It seems reasonable that we, without explanation for any oddity, certainly without accusation for disparity of respect, appreciation, or affection for others, should be allowed to, and be able to, comfortably, even happily spend some of the time between the two personal events alone... perhaps in quiet thought, or submerged in a hobby, gardening, reading, music, or art, whatever -- as we build ourselves into bigger beings.

We often we call things fate that are really just bad decisions.

It is easy to believe in conspiracies when watching those in power conspire.

If you watch people carefully, you are less likely to be fooled by their words.

False advertising has made many people rich.

Some people may be somewhat boring by nature, but they are the most boring when they are tired of talking to you.

Usually, when someone walks out of your life they are the same person who entered it. The problem is they were never what you wanted them to be.

I remember a man who enjoyed talking to me even when I was tired and dirty and didn't bring sex appeal along. Now that was a man!

It seems difficult for many people to cheer the success of another, that is, unless they are in a position to profit from it.

If someone is relying on you, it is much easier to lie to them.

Sadly, life circumstances can sometimes (hopefully not often) be like mud or manure...and only when you are truly ready to stop rolling in it will you call it what it is.

The world would not be in such frightful shape if honesty really was the best policy.

Welcome to the ranks of the common man who must most often disguise best guesses as answers.

Often, people who need love the most display the most unloving behavior .

Another day is nearly done. Take a nice warm shower to wash off all the troubles of the day. Drink a cup of tea, a glass of warm milk, maybe a cocktail. Make your room dark and lie down and close your eyes. Listen. Feel. Experience. You can feel your heart beating. Don't lose heart. Your body is still fighting to stay alive. You made it you through this day. God willing, you can make it through another.

I'm a simple girl with simple wants and simple expectations, far removed from the Marquis de Sade mentality, and who tries to strengthen truth within to recognize and fortify truth without.

Be suspicious of any who say they have walked the hard road in life when shiny, unscuffed shoes proport the opposite.

I believe we were all created to be heroes in one way or another, and were meant from birth to prove it. Stand tall. You can make a difference.

All through life, not just in childhood, there are questions asked that should not be answered until the answers can be understood and appreciated.