It is sad that so often pain is the strongest motivation for change.

Be careful... If you are highly sensitive, greatly empathetic, the manipulators (who are always looking) will find you.

I personally believe that a high percentage of men are not misogynistic. They just enjoy being the strong one, the protector, without any "worth" element factored into it. 

"Yes" and "No" are complete responses. The wise know when to press for explanation.

Boundaries serve double purpose. First, to show the limit of what others dictate, or where they have gone. Second, as an indication of where to begin in productive situations by which you might go farther, or further. 

If I was looking for agreement with everything I say, every gesture, every move - I would look to my shadow. Instead, I look (and I don't have to look far) to those who enrich my thinking with their views.

I feel like getting out. I think I'll go someplace fun on my phone this weekend.

Another season of gardening is over, and although I do not have a garden, I do have great "garden appreciation," at least to the point that I can look at dry seeds and see rainbows in their future. But I never plant anything. I guess I am more an acolyte, a follower who reaps benefits. I, probably to the chagrim of neighbors, do not apply standard human values to my yard either, letting grow what will, without taking affront to crap sometimes deposited (and for which there does result a deeper green of plant appreciation). I do, however, have my yard mowed regularly to demonstrate to doubters that I am at least partially civilized and marginally sane.

Did you ever notice that we as human beings so often resort to the most violent and the most unkind action as a possible solution to a problem? 

So much is beyond us. Human management is by no means superior to natural process.

I began to value the thinking process at an early age, in great part, I believe, because I was seldom shouted back to the footpath.

Accomplishments need not be chronicled, nor even seen. At their best, they are deeply felt. 

Rewilding occurs not because mankind is admired less, but because nature is appreciated more.

Do not condemn an effort before you can show where hope lies. 

It is not so bad to have a bad dream if you wake to a compassionate world.

Do not cast away all things wild. Offer a hand to a being with feral eyes and it might well be filled with happiness.

Many women can shop for hours and hours, trying to find out what it is they really want. I don't like to shop at all because I know that what I want isn't there.