Sometimes being alone is a good thing, sometimes not, because sometimes you are in good company and sometimes not.

When you feel the need to ignore life, read.

Find a good balance of solitude for it can support the absurd as much as it promotes originality.

Solitude, though difficult in youth, is much easier in old age.

I become intentionally uninteresting (though it is somewhat a natural state) when I want to be alone.

Being “left alone” and being “let alone” are entirely different situations, each serving a good purpose.

If you can be comfortable alone, you can be among others without using them as an escape.

Someone may glare at you and curse you. Someone may thank you and smile. Nobody receives total approval, respect, affection. Don't let a struggle for unanimity of an impossibility be your goal, your discomfort, or your pain. Just be your best self, and keep improving it.

I sit beneath the canopy of a shade tree's embrace, sip my cola, and am grateful for this day, for every day before it, and for any future that might be granted.

In life situations when you're forced to feel the heat, take a moment to look around and see the light. Hardships often leave helpful hints.

The sultry summer air is secretive, mischievous, up to something, reminiscent of something huge exhaling in your face. In places it is robust with the magnificent perfume of blooming, in others as rank as the yellow breath from a mouthful of bad teeth. Choose well your place in each day, your plans, your passion, and stay well!

Sometimes a hot day comes at you like somebody heavy on liquor, carrying a gun. Sometimes someone strikes you with accusations from their own personal heat. Relief is necessary, adaptation is recommended, and sometimes forgiveness. Be good to each other! Remember we are all on a learning curve. Have a great day!

Continuity is not broken by obscurity. Even subtle messages reach the surface through repetition, in time..

Not all beautiful flowers that bloom are seen. Take at least small pleasure in your own small accomplishments.

Why is it that when we lose a button on our shirt we focus on correction, but can so easily shrug off damage to the world?

The world can call you a failure, but only when you stop trying and agree is failure proven.

Sometimes silence and hiding behind a door protects you. Sometimes not. So far, I am relatively unscathed, having used my “shut-up” skill somewhat wisely. 

I wonder if some of the talkative people are hiding something... If they are hammering up a privacy fence of gibberish to keep secrets concealed, or are trying to weaken you, to beat you down, so they can make a clean getaway. 

Silence is an effective weapon, has its own eloquence. People seldom expect it. Instead they expect anger, flailing, defensive or offensive blows, and they become tense, and virtually defenseless against the still.

Some situations require that something be said, but seldom is telling “all” required.

Sometimes I like the streets without companions, without talk, without traffic or confusion, and shared with but the interpretative basics of existence. 

If you have virtually nothing to say, refrain from speaking.

Some quiet people are mysterious. Some are merely observant, absorbent, missing little.

Resist the temptation to be what someone else thinks you should be, and choose instead to be yourself.

I have learned a great deal more from silence than I have from empty noises.