Learning is the ornament that decorates you. Keep your eyes, ears, your mind open. With each thing you learn you will become more beautiful.

Do not fall into the trap of majority thinking. Perhaps there are determined limits to mathematics, chemistry, biology, psychology, etc., but there is one thing, when applied to the others that, if given a little wiggle room, can execute change, and that is ---- imagination. Color outside the lines, think outside the box, cut the string. Invent something! You can do it!

If opportunity doesn't come knocking on your door, open the door, step out and walk to meet it.

Hang in there. Persistence will wear through a barrier that brute force can't break.

Are you feeling bad today, alone, filled with hopelessness, wanting the pain of it all to end? Wanting life to end? At this moment I wish you could see yourself as others see you, a person of worth, perhaps a magnetic smile, kind eyes, gentle hands. A person so young yet, who should see the ocean, climb the mountain, hike through a field of flowers. Please, please-- be brave, brave, brave enough to live. 


Try not to adjust your purpose too much from influence of the bad things that might pass. Enjoy the sun while it shines and try to stay on course.

Discipline should not about showing who is the boss. It should be about taking educational and emotional responsibility for all those beings in your charge.

When principle rather than desire determines your actions, your self-mastery is a culmination of virtue, integrity, and truth, and no one can rightly call you an enemy. 

Personal dignity grows from making good choices, perhaps primary among them that of being able to say no to yourself.

Disagreement is turned into an art form when points can be made without fighting.

Always pre-determine if the prize wanted is worth the cost of acquisition.

It’s not a trick to deal with a win, but certainly one to be able to deal with defeat.

Just because you can’t win every time doesn’t mean you can’t continue to want to.

Those who aspire to be better tomorrow need to perspire today.

Victories are sometimes less visible than felt, as when you move away from something or someone who is abusive, negative, toxic.

Basically, all action choices are either give-up or step-up.

When you push yourself to the limit, you will either identify your weaknesses or discover your strengths.

If you don’t accomplish your goal today, consider it practice for tomorrow’s victory.

Look for opportunity in every day. Don’t expect it to make an appointment.

Be compatible with nature and the future when drawing the blueprint of your life.

Find your happiness, then help others find theirs.

I wish history was more a stairway of progress than a biography of murderers.

Taking a risk could have dire consequences, but so can not taking a risk.

Stretch beyond your capacity to remove the limit of your reach.

In many instances of life, I was unable to recognize the enemy because I didn’t have a mirror.