Not everything is based on easy answers and formulas. Much is based on sentiment.

Sometimes complexity is sold as intelligence, but often it is merely simplicity or confusion dabbed in colorful paint.

Being unloved is often the result of first being misunderstood.

I don't think we were meant to figure out all the problems in the world. Maybe we were just meant to find and figure out the one meant for us.

Dump the lies. Take the consequences.

When young, we seek complexity. In old age, we strive for a simple life.

Emotional logic and insufficient information can lead to flawed choices.

I still once in awhile want to tell someone to go to hell, but because I am older, wiser, slower, less rigid, it's not as often as before.

Complicated speech is often the result of not being willing to reduce things to their basic level.

Listening to some people can make you dizzy, but it can also give you opportunity to process your own thoughts.

Before you put great effort into a specific change, consider in what way or ways you might be being manipulated.

Scrutinize intent. Sometimes people act in an unselfish way for selfish reasons.

There is a vast difference between "one-upping" someone else and telling the truth.

The sentimental person values the past. The optimist seeks opportunities. The realist wishes for harmony. The pessimist hides in complexity.

In certain situations, politeness and good manners mask duplicity.

If we constantly disguise ourselves to others, we may become unrecognizable to ourselves.

Much interaction has some element of theater to it. What IS often wants to be entertaining.

Don't take people at face value. Those who are strong often seem to be weak, and those who are weak appear strong.People are often what they hide.

Be wary. What those who need to win fail to win by force, they will attempt to win by deception.

I do not totally love everyone I've ever met, but there are vast number that I cannot forget.