When reality does not impress you, escape into imagination.

When disappointed, instead of scratching your mind raw, busy your hands with unrelated activity.

If you measure by wealth, success, power, you are missing the true value of life 

Be aware - sometimes talking won’t change it….

It is sad when a person is alone, but sadder still when they feel they cannot be. 

Are we ever truly free? Or do we just shuffle our bondages?

It is best to truly know what you desire to escape before you start running. 

Get out and enjoy yourself. Don’t let this screen, or another steal your life.

You can refuse to be vulnerable by hating, but is it healthy? Is it worth it? 

Prepare for the future. Where else is there to go? 

Remaining silent doesn’t mean you are right or wrong. It means only that you are not compelled to prove it.        

 If you try to please everybody else, you will lose yourself. If you try to please only yourself, you will lose everybody else. Life is a tightrope. Balance is imperative. 

Every one of God's animals contributes and can teach us something. It's nice when we let ourselves get to know them better and can give up a little of what we have to let them keep a bit of what they need. 

Have you ever wished you were so small it would take a microscope to find you? Have you felt so picked to near death by responsibility or self doubt that a day filled with public urination or fighting or vomiting sounded good, and if you let true feelings and fists fly, you would win a trophy for badassery? When it happens, and it likely will, I hope someone opens their arms to you, hugs you, and removes the hideous-attitude embroidery and pressure-oriented doubt that fatigues you and distorts perception of your worth. 

Just a thought... People quick to shout, "Idiot!" out into the stratosphere just might be introducing themselves.

I as a child enjoyed many of the colors and activities, and certainly the hot dogs and popcorn of the circus, I even then found something unsettling and sad about a majestic lion, King of the Beasts, sitting on a kitchen stool. To this day, I believe there is little more important to the spirit of man or beast than freedom. 

I do not wish to reach my death all well preserved or even slightly pleasant looking. If death has a heart, it will come for me when the entirety of me has served its purpose, and hopefully the light that leads the way will not come from a flamethrower. 

Retreat is unacceptable if merely meant to escape blame but valid when you are wrong.

Hiding from what you fear does not destroy it. It will still be there when you peek out from under the blanket.

Bring silence into an argument and recognize its power.

Sometimes you have to step back in order to see the broad view.

Life is a series of repeat recognition, of constantly looking inside the soul to identify oneself.

I look at what I have for food, and I wonder if I would like this or I would like that better, and then I think if I were truly hungry like so many unfortunate people in the world, I would find all food delicious, and I question, sadly, why circumstances gave me a choice, and them not.

Keep looking for those silver threads of circumstance and chance. Sing with the birds, read the clouds, feel the sky. Don't let all the magic of your childhood be disciplined, be spanked away, or brushed away, or stifled. Don't let all the wonderment be educated from you. Act your age only when you must. Who cares who's watching! Put science on hold and enjoy the magic before all the "abracadabra" is gone.

May you be spared the dark places of life and stand tall where things are bright and fair. May there be more love and happiness in your life than grief. May you decorate your faith with good deeds, and let hope be the last thing you ever lose. 

Candy can be on the tragic side of eating, a confectionery response to depression. Love of candy as an adult just might come from feeling like you just didn't get enough of a childhood. Whatever its connotation, I warn you, don't get between me and my Hershey's!