Keep looking for those silver threads of circumstance and chance. Sing with the birds, read the clouds, feel the sky. Don't let all the magic of your childhood be disciplined, be spanked away, or brushed away, or stifled. Don't let all the wonderment be educated from you. Act your age only when you must. Who cares who's watching! Put science on hold and enjoy the magic before all the "abracadabra" is gone.

May you be spared the dark places of life and stand tall where things are bright and fair. May there be more love and happiness in your life than grief. May you decorate your faith with good deeds, and let hope be the last thing you ever lose. 

Candy can be on the tragic side of eating, a confectionery response to depression. Love of candy as an adult just might come from feeling like you just didn't get enough of a childhood. Whatever its connotation, I warn you, don't get between me and my Hershey's!