We have become somewhat deformed by domestication, have lost much reflex to reason, too often flatter ourselves for our ingenuity, and frequently pull in the limits of what we will tolerate in discomfort. We move past all the sights and sounds and smells of the natural world and maybe even when our faces are shiny with tears, swear that we are actually getting somewhere important.

We broadcast negativity. We listen to voices that compete for superiority in a thunderous racket. We keep robbing nature to change things, thinking we are improving them, until we are encased in concrete and human decrepitude and can no longer hear, no longer see, no longer feel God. 

Good manners are generally lost in proportion to increase in power.

Do your part. It is unsustainable to absorb energy from the world without reproducing it.

Force is sometimes not as effective as gravity. Give heavy moments, heavy things time to fall on their own.

Often when people criticize others they reveal more clearly what lacks in themselves.

Be a person who does good without requiring an audience.

We can’t pick who we are, but we can choose a path of evolution.

It’s a waste of time to make excuses, primarily because it takes away your effort and ability to make anything else.

Excuses may quiet the conscience, but they don’t have the power to eliminate the consequences.

Excuses will never take you to the same place solutions do.