Think long and hard before taming an animal. You have taken something from it with a promise of something better, and that makes you responsibility. 

Sometimes in life we ignore the crap. Sometimes we begrudgingly put up with it. Too often, not always recognizing the truth of the situation, we are the crap. 

Make your questions as important as their answers, and then you're really going to get somewhere. 

You run the risk of ending up alone if you seek celebration or the spotlight instead of maintaining a small, comfortable light of grace and acceptability.

Fatigue is often less a physical condition than it is an emotional one, perhaps from exhausting your significance. Sleep doesn't always wipe everything clean. You can wake with a heavy, irritable feeling, with weight on your consciousness and your soul short of breath. On such a days it is okay to look up at the tree and long for the fruit of your choice instead of climbing. Be patient with yourself. You will ascend another day.